Upgrade Snow Owl

When a new Snow Owl Terminology Server release is available we recommend performing the following steps.

New releases are going to be distributed the same way: a docker stack and its configuration within an archive.

It is advised to decompress the new release files to a temporary folder and compare the contents of ./snow-owl/docker .

[root@host]# diff /opt/snow-owl/docker/ /opt/new-snow-owl-release/snow-owl/docker/
Common subdirectories: /opt/snow-owl/docker/configs and /opt/new-snow-owl-release/snow-owl/docker/configs
diff /opt/snow-owl/docker/.env /opt/new-snow-owl-release/snow-owl/docker/.env

The changes usually are restricted to version numbers in the .env file. In such cases, it is equally acceptable to overwrite the contents of the ./snow-owl/docker folder as is or cherry-pick the necessary modifications by hand.

Once the new version of the files is in place it is sufficient to just issue the following commands, an explicit stop of the service is not even required (in the folder ./snow-owl/docker):

docker compose pull
docker compose up -d

Do not usedocker compose restart because it won't pick up any .yml or .env file changes. See the explanation in the official Docker guide.

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