Release package

Terminology Server releases are shared with customers through custom download URLs. The downloaded artifact is a Linux (tar.gz) archive that contains:

  • an initial folder structure

  • the configuration files for all services

  • a docker-compose.yml file that brings together the entire technology stack to run and manage the service

  • the credentials required to pull our proprietary docker images

As a best practice, it is advised to extract the content of the archive under /opt. So the deployment folder will be /opt/snow-owl. The docker-compose setup will rely on this path, however, if required it can be changed by editing the ./snow-owl/docker/.env file later on (see DEPLOYMENT_FOLDER environment variable).

When decompressing the archive it is important to use the --same-owner and --preserve-permissions options so the docker containers can access the files and folders appropriately.

tar --extract \
    --gzip \
    --verbose \
    --same-owner \
    --preserve-permissions \
    --file=/path/to/snow-owl-linux-x86_64.tar.gz \

The next page will describe the content of the release package in more detail.

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