Software requirements

Operating System

The Terminology Server is recommended to be installed on x86_64 / amd64 Linux operating systems where Docker Engine is available. See the list of supported architectures by Docker.

Here is the list of distributions that we suggest in the order of recommendation:

  • Ubuntu LTS releases

  • Debian LTS releases

  • CentOS 7 (deprecated)

It is possible to install the server release package on other distributions but bear in mind that there might be limitations.

Software packages

Before starting the production deployment of the Terminology Server make sure that the following packages are installed and configured properly:


In case a reverse proxy is used, the Terminology Server requires two ports to be opened either towards the intranet or the internet (depending on usage):

  • http: port 80

  • https: port 443

In case there is no reverse proxy installed, the following port must be opened to be able to access the server's REST API:

  • http: port 8080

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