Preload dataset (optional)

In certain cases, a pre-built dataset is also shipped together with the Terminology Server. This is to ease the initial setup procedure and get going fast.

This method is only applicable to deployments where the Elasticsearch cluster is co-located with the Terminology Server.

To load data into a managed Elasticsearch cluster, there are several options:

These datasets are the compressed form of the Elasticsearch data folder which follows the same structure. Except for having a top folder called indexes . This is the same folder as in ./snow-owl/resources/indexes . So to be able to load the dataset one should just extract the contents of the dataset archive to this path.

tar --extract \
    --gzip \
    --verbose \
    --same-owner \
    --preserve-permissions \
    --file=snow-owl-resources.tar.gz \

chown -R 1000:0 /opt/snow-owl/resources

Make sure to validate the file ownership of the indexes folder after decompression. Elasticsearch requires UID=1000 and GID=0 to be set for its data folder.

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