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Release notes

Snow Owl v8.12.1 (2023-09-11)

Bug fixes and improvements

  • [ecl] disable synonym token filter when performing lexical matches during ECL evaluation (#1207)
  • [ecl] wild lexical matching is now case insensitive (#1208)
  • [package] fix missing JRE from Windows package (#1204)

Snow Owl v8.12.0 (2023-08-10)


  • Introduce new terminology resource dependency model (#1188)
    • Dependency fields extensionOf and upgradeOf became deprecated, they still function, but will be removed in the next major version
    • New dependencies array is available for all terminology resource types. Each dependency entry encapsulates a resource uri field (with optional query part) and an optional scope field to allow a more dynamic dependency graph to be built between resources


  • Expression Constraint Language query optimization improvements are now GA (#1185)

Bug fixes and improvements

  • [snomed] fixed an issue where RF2 export would use the latest available SNOMED version only even if the client has specified an explicit version to export (1140b4a)
  • [validation] fixed an issue with rule664 where unpublished terms were not reported in some cases (#1190)
  • [deps] removed unused H2 database jars to eliminate security vulnerability warnings (#1191)
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