ConceptMap API

The endpoints /ConceptMap and /ConceptMap/{conceptMapId} and corresponding operations expose the following types of terminology resources:

  • SNOMED CT Simple Map Reference Sets with Concepts as referenced components

  • SNOMED CT Complex Map Reference Sets

  • SNOMED CT Extended Map Reference Sets

  • Snow Owl's generic Mapping Sets


All concept map accessible via the /ConceptMap endpoints are considered when retrieving mappings (translations). The translate request's source that designates the source value set cannot be interpreted hence not used. With the exception of SNOMED CT where the standard URI is expected, our proprietary short name or component ids are used to designate the source/target code system.


  • Simple Map Type Reference Set mappings are considered equivalent in terms of their correlation

  • The availability and format of target code systems are not guaranteed, there is an ongoing conversation at SNOMED CT International to rectify this.

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