Check Health

Let’s start with a basic health check, which we can use to see how our instance is doing. We’ll be using curl to do this but you can use any tool that allows you to make HTTP/REST calls. Let’s assume that we are still on the same node where we started Snow Owl on and open another command shell window.

To check the instance status/health, we will be using the Admin API. You can run the command by clicking the "Copy" link on the right side and pasting it into a terminal.

curl http://localhost:8080/snowowl/admin/info

And the response:

  "version": "<version>",
  "description": "You Know, for Terminologies",
  "repositories": {
    "items": [
        "id": "snomedStore",
        "health": "GREEN"

In the response, we can see the version of our instance along with the available repositories and their health status (eg. SNOMED CT with status GREEN).

Whenever we ask for the status, we either get GREEN, YELLOW, or RED and an optional diagnosis message.

  • Green - everything is good (repository is fully functional)

  • Yellow - some data or functionality is not available, or diagnostic operation is in progress (repository is partially functional)

  • Red - diagnostic operation required in order to continue (repository is not functional)

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