Snow Owl

Snow Owl® is a highly scalable, open source terminology server with revision-control capabilities and collaborative authoring platform features. It allows you to store, search and author high volumes of terminology artifacts quickly and efficiently.


Version: 7.0.0

Release date: October 12, 2018

License: Apache 2.0


This distribution only includes features licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. To get access to the full set of features, please contact B2i Healthcare.

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In March 2015, SNOMED International generously licensed the Snow Owl Terminology Server components supporting SNOMED CT. They subsequently made the licensed code available to their members and the global community under an open-source license.

In March 2017, NHS Digital licensed the Snow Owl Terminology Server to support the mandatory adoption of SNOMED CT throughout all care settings in the United Kingdom by April 2020. In addition to driving the UK’s clinical terminology efforts by providing a platform to author national clinical codes, Snow Owl will support the maintenance and improvement of the dm+d drug extension which alone is used in over 156 million electronic prescriptions per month. Improvements to the terminology server made under this agreement will be made available to the global community.

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