Configuring an LDAP realm

You can configure security to communicate with a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server to authenticate users. To integrate with LDAP, you configure an ldap realm in the snowowl.yml configuration file.

    - ldap:
        uri: <ldap_uri>
        baseDn: dc=snowowl,dc=b2international,dc=com
        rootDn: cn=admin,dc=snowowl,dc=b2international,dc=com
        rootDnPassword: <adminpwd>
        userIdProperty: uid
        usePool: false

At a minimum, you must set the realm type to ldap, specify the url of the LDAP server and set the rootDnPassword in the snowowl.yml configuration file. Your users should be available under the specified baseDn entry, and also there should be an cn=admin entry to allow access for Snow Owl to read user data. By default Snow Owl expects that the username of a user is present in the uid property. You can change this in the userIdProperty setting.

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